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Openfire inVerse plugin 4.1.2 release 1 now available!



The Ignite Realtime community is happy to announce the immediate release of version “4.1.2 release 1” of the inVerse plugin for Openfire!

The inVerse plugin adds a Converse-based web client to Openfire (Converse is a third party implementation).

This update includes an update of the converse.js library (to version 4.1.2), which brings an important stability fix, as well as various other improvements.

Your instance of Openfire should automatically display the availability of the update in the next few hours. Alternatively, you can download the new release of the plugin at the inVerse plugin archive page.

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Hello Guus, I have version 4.0.2 Release 1 and when I upload the file to update I get errors in the system, for example, in the details of the version it says 0.0.0 and I can not access the Web Client section. Any help you can give me?


What version of Openfire are you using?


Versión: Openfire 4.2.3


Can you try with Openfire 4.3?


However, if I access the web client, apparently it works well. The problem is generated in the administration interface. I would have to assemble a test system 4.3


This is what is happening


That’s a problem with Openfire older than 4.3. Although it is annoying when administering your service, it should not affect the end users.


OK thank you very much. What is the best way you recommend me to update my system?


Create backups of everything, and follow the update guide.


Thanks for all friend. Thank you


Can inVerse have some Pade futures like integration with Openfire Meetings, XEP-0080 : User Location. Or can you advice how to do it?

Thank you


The inVerse plugin is a simple wrapper around the third party Converse project. Most features implemented in that will be available in the inVerse plugin. If new functionality is desired, we should look at having it added to Converse (which will make it automatically part of the inVerse plugin).


It might be worth looking at adding some of the Converse plugins that are in Pade to the InVerse plugin. See https://github.com/conversejs/community-plugins


Thank you, I just thinking that all the pade option can be put InVerse too, because if you dont have a free server (or you want a private server), the option from pade of the user(s) can be done only by an admin in the openfire server. So all the extra options should be set in and on the server. Plus, you can use in InVerse login page with Progressive Web Apps (pwa) for all mobile and desktop that can act like an usual app. Mobile is not accesible in Pade, and is difficult for someone who dont have experience.
I just share some thoughts and ideeas.
Thank you


You can’t put all Pade features in InVerse because it relies on a persistent background script that runs in the browser. InVerse is still far from being a Progressive Web App as does not yet support web service workers for persistence nor web push for notifications and is limited by the 5MB limit of localStorage. Browser extensions can have unlimited storage.

For mobile users, the best option is to use Conversations. The focus at the moment is to get as much compatibility between Converse, Conversations and Openfire.


If you want to lock Pade down to a policy of features set by the system administrator and limit what the user can see and change, use the branding feature and create a branded version like these

  1. Free Solutions
  2. Pade at Ignite