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Openfire is limited to 1000 Active Directory User Accounts

I noticed that Openfire 3.4.4 is limited to 1,000 users in Active Directory. Is there a way for me to specify that I only want to see items where objectClass=User? I have a lot of contacts setup underneath the BaseDN that I am using and it is causing problems, since they are being populated as users as well. Can anyone help me?

Active Directory has a limit to number of returns per query. This is not an Openfire issue. To adjust this please read this information: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315071

Thanks! That worked…

If you want to filter on your results, just put in an ldap search filter in openfire.xml


which will only return users of a group (this is what i use).

You could also do something like:


which would return any ‘person’ who is a member of group0 OR group1 OR group2 OR group3 (I haven’t used this query with openfire, but I use it with apache in another app (change the “&” to “&” - these forums are changing it).

another thing you could throw in there is to only use enabled accounts


No problem. Don’t forget to award points .