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Openfire is not starting


When I run (at ubuntu): service openfire start, (or /etc/init.d/openfire start); it does not start and does not show any message.

service openfire status does not show any message too.

Removed and reinstalled Java, still nothing. Any help?


did you follow all the documentation on installing/setting up openfire?

there should be a message somewhere about something, even if you did the setup wrong.

When you try ~]# service openfire start it should either start (and tell you it started) or complain about the service not existing…

yes I did and #service openfire start shows nothing.

But if I go to **/usr/share/openfire/lib# **and run #java -server -jar ./startup.jar, the openfire starts. It even allow to login to admin, also allow to use spark.

Reinstalled Openfire using .tar.gz, executed ./openfire. It’s working now.

I find a few beers help make things work out in the end

sure, but I cannot drink at work