Openfire is using incorrect category for search server XML

I discovered a problem when setting up Pidgin for the new Spark IM service on Openfire. Pidgin seems to work great with the service using XMPP (Jabber), except it doesn’'t know the user directory by default. I have to manually type it in every time I want to search. Pidgin is supposed to detect the user directory server, so I turned on debugs and found this XML:

jabber: Recv (ssl)(260):

I submitted a bug report to Pidgin, but it’'s actually a bug or misconfiguration in Spark. Here is their response:

If you look at , you will notice that category=“search” isn’'t valid. It should be category=“directory” for a User Directory service. Which is what pidgin looks for.

Can you see if the category is configurable? If not, could you submit a bug report with Openfire?

Hi Brendan,

This issue was corrected in version 1.3.2 of the search plugin, so please make sure you’'re running the most recent version of the plugin.