Openfire issues with OpenJDK 11

Hi all, I’ve searched, but haven’t really been able to find anything that helps. I’m having issues installing Openfire 4.8.1 with OpenJDK 11.0.22 installed on rhel 8. When I try to install it, I’m getting a failed dependency error stating that Java>= 1:11.0.0 is needed. Does Openfire support OpenJDK?

Same issue with AlmaLinux 8 (as you’d expect).

OpenJDK JRE 11 is installed and on the path, but I’m getting the same failed dependency error.

Looks like there’s a mismatch between the “provides” from the OpenJDK packages (ie. java-nn) and what the OpenFire RPM is looking for (ie. java). Since multiple JREs can be installed simultaneously, looks like the OpenJDK Java 8 package is the only one providing bare “java”.

I was able to install the RPM by adding “–nodeps”.


@nlindq Aha! Looks like that worked for me as well. I also had to add on --nodigest as well since I was getting a “does not verify: no digest error” once I added the “–nodeps” flag. I appreciate the help!