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Openfire Issues

Hey All

Am currently using Openfire Server along with Spark Front End Client. We have the following issues:

  • When A User join a chat room he can see the conversation history, but he is unable to view his own messages in the conversation history

  • When viewing the message history the time stamps on the messages are the current time and not the time when the message was sent.

Are these known bugs or have I got a configuration issue somewhere? Is anyone aware of a fix as these are both big show stoppers for us.


What versions of Openfire and Spark? Are you talking about a group chat room or a one on one chat? I don’t see such issue with the latest Openfire and Spark versions.

I am using Spark Client Version 2.7.1 Build 686 and our Openfire Server 4.0.3. And yes this is in group chat / conference rooms.

It may be worth it to try with the latest 2.8.2 version or at least 2.7.7 (last for 2.7). You can download any version by changing numbers in the download address. Maybe you can find some clues in the logs.

Openfire installation folder/logs/


Will download the newer versions and update these, will let you know how I get on. Will also check log files.