Openfire Java Memory Change?

I am deploying Openfire and plan to add approximately 30 to 50 users. Not a large amount by any standards. I searched the forums to ascertain if there were any solutions to raising the default JAVA memory that resides within the initial Openfire Installation…of 64Mg. I found some good advice that worked by creating txt files and subsequently VMOPTIONS files to be placed in the Openfire BIN folder. The contents of the VMOPTIONS folders contained the following entries



This did in fact raise the amount of JAVA memory in openfire from 64 to 256 Mg…although I am not sure why the parameters i inserted came out to be 256, and not the 512 to 1024 I was expecting. With that said, even with an uninstall of Openfire and a re-install, the original 64 mg which comes with Openfire has never defaulted back. It is always the new memory size 256 mg. Obviously the java memory change has taken place in the OS Registry as this increase I inserted should not come back with a fresh install.

Does anybody know this:

Why does the above content in the VMOPTIONS file only give me 256 when I am clearly instructing it to change to 512? Is there a java limit in Openfire? Am I missing something?

How to change the Java memory back to its program default…if I should want to. And is my content in the VMOPTIONS file correct? Seems that whatever figures I insert, the most I can get the openfire java memory to change to is 256 mg.

Thanks to all,


Additional foot note: I may have answered some of my own questios with further research. It seems that THREE VMOPTIONS files have to be inserted into the openfire/bin folder and not two. All identical in content, but each folder has a different name. This now results in the intended reslts matching the input.

But I would still like to know if anybody knows of a java limit in openfire (other than NOT exceeding system RAM). And is there a preferred memory setting? Will 64 mg handle 20 - 30 - 50 users?

Thanks again

I think 64mb should be enough.

If you have problems, try disabling PEP (if you don’t need it)

Thanks for answering Mike. Appreciate it. Now that I have found the method with which to change the Java memory size, I think I need to learn much about what affects it in openfire. I find the stats really confusing. If I merely launch the Openfire Admin Console, it appears that Java usage runs about 10 to 13 % of java memory…and it fluctuates heavily up and down. I wonder if the addition of users will seriously effect the amount of java memory. I suspect not. I suspect what will effect usage of memory is usage by members at the same time. Do you see a downside to increasing default java 64 mg memory? Or is this a wasted effort on my part and 64 mg for this is a lot more than the normal way I am used to looking at 64 mg of memory :slight_smile:

Also, What I CANNOT resolve is the Android apps out there that are for Jabber - Openfire…XABBER/BEEM/ETC. I am constantly getting cannot connect error. I am wondering if Verizon has port 5223 blocked. Any thoughts on this. And thanks again for the prompt response.

Default memory settings should be enough for 200 and more users. JVM memory meter on the start page of Admin Console shouldn’t be used for real-time monitoring as it just shows memory status at some point and it can jump from 0 to 100 indeed (memory garbage collection and cleaning, this is just how JVM works…).

Thank you wroot. Seems I have been very fortunate to get some ecellent answers right off from you and Mike. I appreacite the explanation of just exactly what the Java meter is all about. That was my hang up. With your explanation as well as Mikes, i am going to leave the default as is.

Many thanks

You can download on a plugin for monitoring openfire memory/cpu/load stats. I’m currently testing it, so I can’t say if it’s good enough. But there you’ll have some graphs and they seem to be pretty good