Openfire Java Upgrade to 381

We upgraded our Java 8 to 381 and it made Openfire stop working. We have the newest version of Openfire the 4.7.5 and we are on Java 371 currently. Is this a known issue or is there a way to upgrade Java that I am missing.

Any logs of interest when openfire attempts to start?

I believe we ave similar issue.
Upgraded CentOS to lastest build of version 7
OpenJDK is 1.8.0_382-b05

CPU is pegged at 100% when ever open-fire service is running.

Restored back to version 372 and its more stable around 20%-50% CPU usage.
Not ideal but its at least working for now.

Our CPU usage is fine. We just cant get the openfire service to start when the new java is installed but works fine on the previous version.

Curious. Anything in the logs that might explain this?

When the CPU spokes, it would be interesting to see a thread dump. That should give an indication on what’s running wild.

Sadly this has become more an issue recently.
CPU Spikes still showing up and looks like Memory issues even with Java 382 Running now.

We keep getting
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded after this update.
Spark Java

Once I am able to get the logs I will upload hem. Seems all these issues started for us around this update.

that Dip @ 30 mark is when I kill the Openfire service and it tapers off to 5% CPU
Spark Java CPU

Please try to create a couple of thread dumps when the CPU is spiking. That will help us analyse where all those resources are being consumed.

Standard Java tooling can be used to create a thread dump of Openfire. There also available an aptly names plugin that can help

Do you have info on how to perform this function?

There are basically two ways to do this: using Openfire’s plugin, or using standard Java tooling.

The standard Java tooling that’s available might differ from environment to environment, but is pretty well documented. A site like this offers a decent overview of commonly available tools:

The Thread Dump plugin for Openfire adds a page to the admin console where a thread dump can be copied from. It is easy to use, but if Openfire is suffering from a problem, its admin console might be unresponsive.