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Openfire + jitsi + active directory

Hello !

I want to know if someone have tested JITSI client with ACTIVE DIRECTORY and OPENFIRE. My OPENFIRE works fine and the contact search is enabled when i’m using SPARK client. With JITSI i can’t see any result when i’m looking for my contact, but when i see in WIRESHARK, i can see the response of my LDAP server with good results. Can someone help me ?


I got the same issue.

Have you fix it since ?



I’m currentliy working on creating the same configuration.

Currently Spark - Openfire - LDAP is working fine.

But I did not manage to get a connection from the JITSI Client to the Openfire Server.

How did you setup this?



hi guys,

I do not remember exactly how I solved this problem, but try to create groups in openfire and make a contact push. sorry for my bad english…