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Openfire Jitsi Video Bridge Scalability


I’m hosting jitsi meet instance on Openfire. I’m using the following plugin:

Above works but the ofmeet plugin uses Jicofo and 1 Jitsi Video bridge component which is hard coded. Has any one tried to deploy Openfire Meeting as scalable component where multiple Jitsi Video Bridge component can be served by Jicofo?

I know that Jitsi Video Bridge can be set up as scalable component using XMPP Component or MUC approach but haven’t found any resource to do it through Openfire. Are there any resource/document which can be used to set up Jitsi as scalable component on Openfire?

Any other alternative approach you think we could take instead ? We need to use Openfire as XMPP Server.

Appreciate your inputs. Thanks!

An alternative approach would be to enable clustering mode of Openfire and then use as many multiple instances of the plugins. Unfortunately, that is not curently supported and a fair bit or work and testing would be needed to make it happen

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Thanks for the quick response.

Assuming, Clustering is not supported today, what options are there to support Jitsi Video Bridge scalability? Any thoughts you could share on the potential approach would be appreciated.

If you want to use Jitsi Meet at scale, Openfire Meetings should not be your first choice. I would recomend you use the standalone version from Jitsi which uses Prosody and Videobridge2 that are designed for large scale hosted solutions.

Openfire Meetings is using Videobridge1 and is much suited to small and medium usage. It is more secure and has integration with Openfire users and messaging with the familiar easy to use web interface.

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That helps. Thanks. One of the problem is that we are already using Openfire for Users and Authentication. Need to see if Openfire and Prosody can play along…

We are in the process of reviewing what load Openfire Meetings can support. Can you advise how many concurrent conference can Openfire Meeting support? Are there any parameters in terms of CPU requirement, memory etc. we should be looking at to optimize…

Further, If load exceeds what Openfire meeting can support, would it just stop allocating new conferences or could have an impact on Openfire server as well? We do have other applications on Openfire and don’t want them to be impacted if number of conferences exceed than what ofmeet can support…

Thanks again for your inputs.

This is where you need proffessional support outside of my area of expertise. There is a directory on the Igniterealtime.org web site. Missing from that list is free-solutions who specialises in Openfire Meetings