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OpenFire Joomla Authentication Plugin

I’ve created a beta Joomla1.5 Plugin, that allows Openfire to authenticate against the Joomla1.5 users database.


The plugin is for Joomla1.5, not Openfire. But it allows your OpenFire sever to use the user accounts in Joomla. This isn’t possible without the plugin since Joomla user passwords are seeded before MD5 hashed which makes the OpenFire SQL queries incompatible.

Documentation is on the page:


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I’ve been looking around for a joomla integration but other than yours, I have not found anything.

It looks like you haven’t bothered with this since joomla 1.5 so am assuming that was the end of it?

hello @Buca Bay

i am looking for the same you explain in this question… as i want my joomla website users to use my xmpp chat application with openfire…

as well the openfire DB users also can use this chat application…

can you help me with this any how??


can you please give me userguide how to use this plugn…

b’coz i have same problem with my website is in joomla 1.7

any help would be appriciated