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Openfire jwchat implementation, anybody has performance issue?

Hi, all,

I integrated jwchat into our web application, which should be able to process 2000 concurrent users. I used http bind approach in jwchat. everytime when the users login to our web app, he/she will also be logged in to chat. I noticed that after the users logged in, the users’ browsers will send out a POST http-bind request every 6-7 seconds even though there is no activities on the web pages. when we were doing the load testing on our web app, our apache server kept crashing, which seems that it can’t handle such big load. Did this frequent http-bind requests kill our apache server? I set up web proxy on our apache so that the requests can be forward to our openfire chat server.

Based on your experience, how many concurrent users your production environment can handle?

Your sightful input will be greatly appreciated.