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Openfire lastlogout

Hello guys, anyone having issue an for 3.6.3 with the last logout record. Sometimes I do see the last logout for a user in the admin panel and sometimes it is not recorded. Anyone having the same issue ?

Ah sorry my version is actually 3.6.4


When the user is logged in, their last logout value is removed from the database and thus the admin console display.


Hi there. Thanks for replying. I dont understand what u mean. Do u mean it is working ?

Well it seems to b working now. Well sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt . really weird.

When the user is logged into your server, Openfire deletes the time of when the user last logged out so the admin console will show no value.


Hi there, thanks for the reply, I understand that when the user logs in, the last logout will be deleted. That is the expected behaviour but when the user is not logged in and was logged out , it should show the last log out value. It certainly doesn’t do that. I tried using Adium, and logged in, then logged out after 10 mins but the last logout value would not show up in the admin console.

Yes, it is not working all the time. JM-1102 , JM-1258

Thanks a lot clarifying the situation. i should have checked the bug list. my bad.

Hi, I’m currently making a chat messenger using openfire. For now I’m still testing what openfire is capable off.

Today I noticed that something weird about the Last Logout entry. Some username doesn’t have the field.

I realized that users that doesn’t have the entry are the users I created using admin control panel.

All users that I created using spark new account function have the Last Logout entry.

I’m planning to make fixed roster for my messenger so this will be a problem The users created from admin control panel doesn’t have Last Logout entry. Can this somehow be repaired?

I checked at the issues page, it says ‘No issues’?



Have you logged in and logout once with the users you have created via admin console? I create all my users via admin console and all of them usually has that field (if i log in just once with them).

Yes I’m using spark to login and logout them. I thought I forgot to logout them but after I tested, I found that conclusion.

Logged in (tesuser)


Logged out (tesuser)