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Openfire + LDAP = I can't login

Hello, well i’m trying to use the Openfire and Active Directory for autenticate my user, well i do all the steps in the FAQ LDAP, but when i try to loggin to my server using a jabber client i can’t login, somebody can explain me why? im using windows 2003 server.

Thanks for the help and sorry for the awfull english.

What client? Do the users show in the admin panel? Did you test your settings as you went along the setup process?

I’m using the Sparks and Claros Chat, the admin panel show all the users and i test my settings during the setup process, somebody have a suggestion?

I’m really loose here ?:expressionless: , thanks for th help.

Did you use a fully qualified domain name for the server? The server does exist in your DNS? You are entering your login information like the attached picture? How about a firewall that may be blocking the ports for chat?

The problem was solved, but for that i need to use the server IP, but the problem was fixed; but why this happend?

That would mean that when you configured openfire you either did not give it a FQDN or used a CNAME for its name. You need to use the actual FQDN of the server for the servers name when configuring it.

Thanks i solve the problem with your tips ^^.