Openfire LDAP Problems - Users not loading

We’re currently trying to implement an Openfire 3.6.1 LDAP integration. The client is Spark 2.5.8 . All of our vcard information is being loaded, and our rosters are full, but the users that are online are not seen by the client. The server does see them as client sessions, but doesn’t always see actual users.

Yes, our groups are being shared between each other, and the authentications are pulling in all the correct information.

But the clients seem to be unable to see each other.

Any suggestions, similar problems?

Hi, I have an identical problem with contacts sharing and ldap. I’ve found that you can see a user’s status after manually requesting authorisation to add them. Never needed this before upgrading to 3.6.1

try installing the subscription plugin and configuring it to accept local. this will auto accept all local user additions to the roster. gateway and s2s users will still require approval.

I’ve already had the subscription plugin installed, and it was probably setup to accept local requests. Unfortunately, I reinstalled the subscription and set it up to accept local before I got your message. Anyway its been been working well so far.