Openfire Load Balancer Issues

Running behind a load balancer, Fastpath does not always show that agents are online, even when their fastpath client shows they are logged in and they can view queue activity information in the Spark fastpath tab. Must be a session stickiness question. Often a refresh of the browser shows agents are online again. As I have options for session and cookie stickiness I would like to understand where the session lives before experimenting. Also wonder if some kind of polling or cache setting can be tweaked. Any insights welcome.

Installation is Openfire 3.6.4 on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.2, 1.6.0_20 OpenJDK. Topology is AWS Remote Database Service (essentially a multi-master setup) and several LAMP servers with Openfire installed running behind the Elastic Laod Balancer from Amazon.

Each server has Apache2 with our and openfire running. Fastpath is installed and the site’s “live chat” image links to the fully qualified domain name, which is setup up in each server’s local hosts file resolving to it’s local IP. The outside world receives the Amazon Elastic Load Balancer IP for this domain name. All Openfire ports are listening on the load balancer and forwarding to the same port on the load balanced servers.