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Openfire Log Reader

I didn’t find any program out there that suited my needs for a log reader to read the server audit logs, so I made one. I thought I’d share my work for anyone that might find it usefull.

Very simple to use:
Click on Open Log, browse to the log files from the server.

This populates the names on the left.

Click one of the names to show the messages to and from that person on the right.

Click a particular message on the right to show the entire message (if it is longer than visible) at the bottom.

No need to convert or edit the logs.

No need to know how many / what users there are.

Fast and simple.


2009/08/14 - Fixed error when file didn’t close out Jive tag (believe this happens from taking log still being written to by server)
OpenfireLogReader - 20090814-094758.zip (148525 Bytes)

I can open this reader,but can’t open any log and report error.My system is WindowsXP SP3,and Openfire server is windows 2003,openfire 3.6.4.

If you can, send me a log and I’ll see what’s up. I can’t say for sure at this exact minute what version number we are using, but the server is hosted on Windows 2000 (that shouldn’t matter).

I will double check the version number tomorrow to make sure…(maybe be able to update the server if it’s out of date…fun)

If you can’t send me a log due to confidentiality or privacy issues, I understand and will try to help in any other way I can.

Make sure you are trying to open a log that is not currently being written to…

Yes,I copy the log to another position,and then open it.att my error log file.

and Now I open this OpenfireLogReader\OpenfireLogReader\bin\Release\OpenfireLogReader.exe. It seem to be normal,but still can’t open this log.
error.log.zip (2796 Bytes)

Ah, there’s your problem
This is for the audit logs, not the error logs.

Hi. Thanks for your contribution. I have converted this thread to a doc and moved it to
Ignite Realtime > Plugins and Libraries > Community Plugins >


If you release the new version, please change the document. I think this would be more convenient and quicker to find.

I have a problem reading my test log. I will attach it. I get an error when i try opening it. Error attached as well.
jive.audit-20090814-000.log.zip (684 Bytes)

Thanks wr00t. I will update the document from now on, but just in case, I updated this thread as well with the fix for your error. I believe it happens when you take a log that the server has not finished with thus it didn’t close the tag at the end.

Yes. I tried to open it with server still running. Though it was the same after i have stopped the server. Now it’s fine.