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Openfire login issues

Today I came back from vacation to find that one user is not able to connect to the openfire server. So I start investigating. I go to the login page and put in my username and password. I cannot get in. I try it several more times and am able to get in (using same username and password) Now when I browse around in the different areas, some do not come up. The database link does not come up and other links are slow. I can ping the DB server which is seperate from the openfire server. I have checked the openfire db and all looks well. I don’'t understand the logs, but nothing looks out of the ordinary. I am really at a loss as why everything just stops working. I bounced the server and the service and both are working fine. I have other databases on the db server working np. I also have other web software running on the openfire server and all work fine too. When I logged into the openfire server (through web interface) I noticed that there was a upgrade. This should not make the current install stop working should it? Its like the bottom fell out. Any ideas or help would be great.


it sounds like a broken database connection. Openfire has some connections and a default connection lifetime of one day if I remember right. If a connections gets dropped Openfire will not detect this, this can lead to some strange problems as Openfire has cached nearly everything in it’'s database cache. Do you see errors in the error log file of Openfire?