Openfire Login- Newbie


I am new to openfire. I have installed openfire in my windows XP PC using the embedded database. But having the setup completed I am not being able to login. I use the email address given during the setup as username and the password given during the setup as password. But login fails each time. I have tried restarting but that doesn’t work.

What might go wrong ??

Kh Mahmudul Alam

The login username is ‘admin’, and you shouls restart Openfire server before being able to login.

I just installed 3.6.4 on Win Server 2003 and I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve run through the wizard (twice now, thanks to the openfire.xml change) and after setting the new password I cannot login. This last time I even set the new password the same as the old password! No combination of usernames or passwords I’ve put in work. I’ve tried all the following usernames with both the default password and the password I originally put in:


administrator (not the real address used)

This really shouldn’t be hard. Run install, follow prompts, enter new password, login. Everything goes perfectly until the “login” part. I’ve restarted the openfire server and nothing changes.

What gives? Trying to get this setup for a new client that we started with yesterday so its important I can get this rolling quickly. Any help is greatly appreciated.


As i said, you should use ‘admin’ username only to login. Did you restarted Openfire right away after the last setup step (not pressing the button Login to Admin console)?

No, I did not do it right away. I opened the the login page and tried to login, like any reasonable person would without specific instruction not to. If its a requirement that it be restarted right after the setup why does the setup not restart it? OR at least say something? Who wouldn’t expect to login after going through setup and creating…a LOGIN!?

So whats the best way to wipe this thing and start over?

I didn’t say it is normal. It’s a bug in setup and it is fixed for the upcoming 3.7.0 version. There is an announcement on top of the forums about that. Well, among a bunch of other announcements.

If you don’t have any useful info in the db, then you can start over.