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Openfire manaul installation help!

Hi Everyone,

I am going to install openfire on our hosted server running Redhat Enterprise Linux 5. Since it’s hosted i can’t issue a commands like rpm & yum to install openfire.

Is there anyone knows how to install openfire manually on a hosted server? What are the step by step procedures to do it?



Hello Julian,

You can actually download open fire as a .tar.gz and install it that way. The instructions are over at http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/install- guide.html

Like the instructions say though, you’ll need to make sure your hosted server has java installed and configured correctly, and even still you may not have access to some tools you may need.


Hi Sean,

Can you give the next steps to do after I untar the tar.gz file in /opt/openfire folder? Is there some sort of modification on the script?Where should be located the other openfire files after the installation except the /opt/openfire? Can you give me other link where to find the procedures?

Thanks in advance sean. I realy appreciate your help.


Hi Julian,

the start Openfire start script is usually located in /opt/openfire/bin/.

I did write Linux Installation Guide some days ago and some start scripts which you could find helpful.