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Openfire Master/Slave


I want to implement two openfire’'s servers as Master/Slave.

Is it possible? If yes How to?

Many thanks in advnace.

At the moment that is not possible.

A future version of the Openfire Enterprise (commerical) product will support clustering and failover.


Thanks for your fast reply.

I have two question :

1 Is it possible to communication two separate physiqual openfire server?The purpose is to insure that client1 connected to server1 can communicate, chat and other features allowed by openfire with client2 connected to server2 and chat with ? If yes how to?By enbling server-to-server option?

2 Is it possible to turn openfire under Tomcat rather than jetty?

Many thanks in advance.

  1. Yes, it’‘s possible (and the connection between them with be Server to Server). However, each IM server will have it’‘s own XMPP domain, so users on either server with have different JID’'s, conference servers, search servers etc.

  2. No, I believe you’'re stuck with what you have.

You can use the other server’'s resources (like conference server, user search) – except the IM gateway – when s2s is possible, though.

that’'s true, but still a pain.

for example, if you had 2 servers serving he same set of users, they wouldn’‘t simply be able to use the local search service to find users on the other server (and the same with conferences). Users would have to know about the other server, and add the corresponding resources. Spark, and other clients won’'t remember previous search services etc, so it becomes a headache for users.

A pair of servers operating in an active/active cluster would be far preferable, IMHO.


Good Idea to have openfire in active/active.

But how to? In sharing some files on one commun device or by putting the same configuration in the two openfire servers.

If the first method, which files I must share?

Else, how could I communicate the two openfire servers?

Thanks in advance.

As I said, you cannot do this at the moment.

That feature is in development for Openfire Enterprise.