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Openfire Meeting on Public Disconnects after 2 video users

Hi to all and HATS OFF to the contributors for this wonderful software which i had been using for years for my office as IM server internally and publicly.

I plan to add video conference feature for “Work from Home”. But failed every time. Here is my scenario below and what i did.

  • OS Platform: Centos 8
  • Local Url/IP: app.mydomain.com /
  • Public Url/IP: app.mydomain.com /
  • Openfire 4.5.3
  • Openfire Meetings 0.9.5
  • SSL (Paid Wild Card Domain)

To make every thing simple for trial, I simply installed Openfire 4.5.3 on fresh CentOS 8 and created 3 users for test (focus auto-generated in plugin install) with only Openfire Meeting 0.9.5 plugin installed. I did 1 to 1 nat and disabled firewalld and selinux so that server will have clear path to talk with services. I added local and public IP address on Openfire>>Meetings>>Networking>>Local address/Public address

when i connect to https://app.mydomain.com:7443/ofmeet/myroom and do video conference with 2 users, it works perfectly fine, but whenever the third user connects, the video/audio every things is blank (black screen).

Request to guide me if anywhere I am doing wrong.

Openfire Meetings project is currently not maintained . Try the Pade project for more up-to-date versions of the ofmeet and offocus plugins. Development will resume at some point in the future with Jitsi-Videobridge version 2.x as soon as this PR is merged to enable support for Windows.

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Thanks a lot. @Dele_Olajide , its working perfectly fine now after I uninstalled openfire meeting plugin and downloaded the ofmeet.jar, offocus.jar, pade.jar from Pade Project and uploaded and followed the instructions @ openfire-pade-plugin.

!! Cheers !!