Openfire meeting only works with 2 users. No Audio Video with 3rd user

Openfire 4.2.3
Openfire Meeting 0.9.4
Openfire Focus Provider 0.9.4
Set up is behind the NAT.

after update things seem to be broken.

Meeting only works in P2P mode when two users are there.
as soon as 3rd user joins the meeting, everyone loses the Audio/Video.
if one of those user drops Audio/Video reconnects.

Ports opened on FW
443 TCP
4443 TCP
5222 TCP
7443 TCP
5000-6000 UDP/TCP
10000-20000 UDP/TCP

any suggestion on configuration to make it work?


i couldn’t figure out, what was the problem.
Fresh install resolved the issue.

Hi, can you tell me how you actually solved this problem? just updated openfire?

what issues are you facing?
does it work successfully with 2 users?
any errors in log?