Openfire meetings installation guide needed

I am new to Open fire server and was able to install it on Ubuntu server and deploy the spark clients to windows users. Works great for IM. I have version 3.10 for server and Spark client 2.7.0 build 671.

I have added the openfire meetings plugin to the server and restarted my spark clients but I cant get it to work. Is there an installation guide and usage directions? I have used the ones where you click the link for openfire meetings but I was not good enough to get this to work.

Please help. thanks

Meetings plugin is not meant to work with Spark. It is a browser based chat application (you have to use Chrome for it) Openfire Meetings

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I have tried to go to (of course I put my server IP and Host name in) but it still does not work. I am in Google chrome.

When I added the plugin to the open fire 3.10 server did I need to do anything else to make this work?

Thank you for your reply!

I found the answer and got it working. After you install the plugin you have to go to your Openfire server and restart the service via command line. After doing that I was able to open Chrome and go to and it works just fine. I hope this helps someone else. Note my install in Linux Ubuntu so if you have windows install you will just click stop and start.



openfire meetings does have a plugin for spark. you just need to have chrome as your default browser. you can download it from


it is the readme file for the plugin

Openfire Meetings Plugin Readme

What role exactly Spark plays in this scenario? Can it handle an ofmeet session in its GUI or is it just pulling up Chrome window to do this? You can’t use ofmeet without Chrome installed with just this plugin for Spark?

It is pulling up a chrome window with a room url when a button on the spark gui is clicked

When people are asking about a Spark plugin, i think they are usually looking for a native video conference support in the Spark itself. Like Redfire did?

Redfire did not have native java support in spark. it was using flash player. What it did have was a native browser window for flash which stopped working on 64 bit pcs. Openfire meetings plugin reuses the same source code to open a chrome window instead