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Openfire Meetings v0.9.5 released!



The Ignite Realtime community is happy to immediate release of Openfire Meetings plugin version 0.9.5!

The release is available in the download section of our website, and should present itself in your running Openfire instance in the next few hours.

The Openfire Meetings plugin adds a feature-rich audio/video conferencing solution to Openfire, which is based on Jitsi project.

This release includes 7 months worth of updates from the Jitsi project, which brings you stability and performance improvements, a brand new landing page, SIP integration (through Jigasi) and many, many other tweaks.

Importantly, it will be compatible with the upcoming Chrome 72 release (which introduces a change that will break older versions of OFMeet).

In this release, all functionality has been bundled in one plugin (ofmeet.jar). Make sure to remove the old offocus plugin from your instance of Openfire, if you’re upgrading from an earlier version!

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I would like to point out again that only ofmeet.jar (ver 0.9.5) is needed. Please do not also install offocus.jar (0.9.4). It is deprecated and will be removed shortly.


Can we enable stream management for 0.9.5?


The stream management issue was caused by a bug in Openfire. This bug has been fixed in Openfire 4.3.0. Openfire Meetings 0.9.5 requires Openfire 4.3.2 (or newer) to run, so the fix will be available. There no longer is a need to disable stream management!



  1. How can I activate brady bunch function, if is possible?!?
  2. If is not possible it will be nice to to have the brady bunch function in the next update.

Thank you for the update and for you time!


Ah, the Brady Bunch mode is supported, but you currently cannot configure OFMeet to make it available. That’s an oversight on my part. We will add it in the next release! I’ve created this ticket to track the issue: https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-ofmeet-plugin/issues/91