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Openfire Memory Usage on Linux

We have been running openfire for a year or so without issues. Today I added 2 new users (now a total of 50) and the server crashed. I thought it might be the older vestion, so I updated to Openfire 4.2.3. It still happened. I found it was only using 212mb of memory, so I upped it to 512, but it used all of that up at the same speed.

I have set this in “/etc/default/openfire”
DAEMON_OPTS="-Xms512m -Xmx1536m"
(previously I had it at 1024 for both options)

It hasn’t crashed yet, but as I refresh the server page, the memory usage will jump wildly from 30% to 80% to 50%, ect.

I’ve now allocated 6 times as much memory as it used to have, and yet it’s using almost all of it.

Is this normal for about 30 active users?

This is how JVM (Java Virtual Machine) operates. It can take all of memory, if you allocate it to JVM. But that shouldn’t cause problems. It is jumping that way as JVM is doing garbage collection and releasing not needed items from time to time. You shouldn’t be watching that graph that closely. You should also describe in more details what happened during that “crash” and maybe there are some logs at that point at /openfire/logs/all.log

Openfire can handle thousands of users, so 30 is not a problem.

A better indication of memory is shown on the admin console; click on “Server Manager”, and under environment there is

“Java Memory” - on my laptop with no users active it’s currently reading “132.99 MB of 3596.50 MB (3.7%) used”.


Gdt, aren’t we talking about the same thing? I don’t remember any other place showing Java memory utilization other than on the home page of Admin Console.

Ah yes, re-reading it, yes, we are. I had assumed that the OP was talking about “top” or the Windows equivalent.

/me reminds self to pay more attention.


This issue seems caused in some part by the “messages” program on High Sierra. When connecting, the ram usage jumps up. Also under the session stats for this session, the “Packets Received/Sent:” is a hundred thousand for both sides, whereas all the other clients are more around: “Packets Received/Sent: 35/143,968”

There were some other issues with Messages in the past. It is not very XMPP compliant. You can try some other client for macOS https://xmpp.org/software/clients.html