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Openfire memory usage

We installed Openfire server and is currently up and running.
Users/Group tab shows 36k users and 200-300 users online sessions at anytime.

The problem is openfire memory is increasing, for 300 users it fluctuates between 2 gb to 3 gb, here is the snapshot
3216.98 MB of 4969.00 MB (64.7%) used

Why this much memory is being consumed for 300 users only ?
What are some caching strategies which we can use to overcome such heavy usage ?

Java is similar to SQL in regards to memory consumption. It will use whatever amount you through at it. If you don’t have issues and no out of memory errors it should be fine.

I have no memory issues until now that is right.
I am expecting around 10000 connections at one time. I am worried that OPENFIRE would not withstand such load given above statistics.
How can I handle this ?

There is no official fixed amount of memory per connection/user proposed or documented. Because it all depends on what users actually do, how often, etc. Maybe it will be enough for 10000 in your case, maybe not. You may gradually increase number of users, monitor your system and increase memory when needed. You may also try synth tests. Explanation: scalability, system requirements
It seems that you are already on 64-bit version of Openfire, so increasing JVM memory shouldn’t be a problem. Just need lots of RAM :slight_smile: