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Openfire message archiving

I am running Openfire 3.8.1 on win xp Sp3, using monitoring service 1.3.1rc-1 for logging, and have exclusive spark clients with a few variations of versions.

So I had an issue where i was asked to pull an audit of conversations for a few users. The message logging stops cold on 3/18.

I went to the user workstation, and user chat history was disabled. I enabled it, and started a new chat, and THIS chat appears in the log, but no other.

All I can find in the support blogs references that client side and server side logging is"supposed" to be seperate. it is not here, they appear to be tied together. I guess iball is no longer supported, and I do not see any other plugins to search and see if I have had the DB issues referenced in the support files having re-numbered indexes. any suggestions are greatly appreciated and entertained. Thanks!

Some Further testing done today, client A has 3.6.0 and was not logged, Client B has 3.6.3, and was logged weather or not the “disable chat history” was on or off… i think we may have had an issue with the server at an earlier version, and did not catch it. I toggled Client A on and off for chat history logging (during a lengthy test conversation) and the server logged EVERY MESSAGE! (like it should) any one have any other logfile viewer ideas?

yesterday i rebooted the server, then stopped the services and copied the

C:\Program Files\Openfire\embedded-db\openfire.script

file to the desktop, and renamed it to openfire.txt. scanning the data i do see the “missing” conversations.

I copieed sections into wordpad, and opened with excel, The data is CSV format, and the data is all there,

Currently working on how to get it back into the GUI…

this has been added to http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/230098#230098

very similar issues, but working around it a bit differently…

What i do see the the sequence numbers for som messages, even if not related repeat, sometimes dozens of times, and jump from two, three, four and five digit numbers

does anyone know how to decode the timestamps?? it would help me lineup some of the missing data??

looks like: INSERT INTO OFMESSAGEARCHIVE VALUES(5434,‘User1@is00638’,‘User2@is00638’,1368733774095,‘CALL on ext line XXXX’,‘spark’,‘spark’)

data has been edited for anonyminity

the four digit number after the word values is the one that gets stuck(it seems)

and the 13 digit number i think is time/date data…

also see where some conversations have the client versions, and some dont…


INSERT INTO OFMESSAGEARCHIVE VALUES(69866,‘User1@is00638/Spark 2.6.3’,‘User2@is00638’,1357932993210,‘from?’,NULL,NULL)

But not all of them have this data.

I even See where I was testing with my iphone using Monal https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/monal/id317711500?mt=8

any help is appreciated!!

As you have changed the date, i can’t say for sure, but it should be unix time http://www.onlineconversion.com/unix_time.htm

The link you provided does accurately dechpiher the date time stamp. double kudos