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Openfire messages sent but not received frequently

I have Openfire 4.0.2, users use PSI as client jabber and some messages are sent from user A to B, but B does not receive the message, the problem happens intermittently.

Can you update to 4.3.0 and check if it fixes your issue?

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Yes, I will update to 4.3 and I will check to see if it corrected, thank you.

I am trying update to version 4.3 but a I have the following error start Openfire.

What database and version do you use?

Database Mysql version 5.1.73, Centos 6.10.

Openfire 4.3.0 has latest JDBC connector, which only supports MySQL 5.5+.

Thanks for reply, i updated to Openfire 4.2.3 and it’s working fine.