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Openfire + Miranda NG problem with authorisation request

Hello everybody.
I’ve installed Openfire 4.1.6 on CentOs 7 server and Miranda NG on the pc in my work. But when a friend try to do a authorisation request for another friend, there is automatically a “declined subcription” message. So the friend don’t receive the request. Have you any idee for this strange behaviour?
(sorry for my english, i’am a french people).
Thanks for your help.


Does this friend exist on your same server? If so, when you login as myself@server are you adding your friend as friend@server ? If not, does your server properly federate with the XMPP world? You can check federation status of your server here here.

Sorry, i 've forgotten to say that i have a openldap server, all friends are declared on this server. So all the request are in the local network, so i cannot check the federation status on line. Is there a special configuration to do with TLS/SSL on the openfire server?

The second question is still valid. How do you login and try to add a contact?

i’ve checked the configuration. The name of the server is serv14s70, the xmpp.domain is serv14s70, the xmpp.fqdn is serv14s70. i search the contact with the search pluggin (search.serv14s70) and i can find all the contacts with the login myname@serv14s70. When i add the contact, i have the message “declined subscription”, i don’t understand why.

Well, i’m not familiar with Miranda-NG. You can try Spark on both ends to rule out the server issue. You can also try installing Subscription plugin and enabled automatic subscription approval.

Ok, thanks, I’m going to try to install the Subscription Plugin. I’ve already tested Spark but it is more heavy compared with Miranda NG.

I was only suggesting it to test if you can add contacts with another client to rule out server issues.

We have tested with a portable version of Miranda NG, and there is no problem, the subcription request is done good! So i think there is a problem with the package of Miranda ng i have. Thanks a lot for your help. Have a good night.