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How to chat from a moblie using openfire server.Is there any plugin required for this.If anybody knows please help me.

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You will need a client that supports the jabber protocol for YOUR particular cell phone OS.

The most common cell phone OS’s are:

iPhone OS

Symbian (lots of nokia products)

Android (lots of motorola products)


Once you figure out what phone you have and what OS it runs, then you need to look for a jabber client for that OS.

I use an iPhone and the app “Monal” works to connect

I use a blackberry and the IM+ Lite app works great.

Any help on setting Monal up would be appreciated. I just installed and setup our Openfire/Spark system and it works great, but would love to get iy up on the IPhones.

Do you know of any documentation on how to configure it?

my iPhone was recently stolen and I’m out of the country so I can’t walk you through it, but it is not rocket surgery.

All you need is:

  1. chat server address (your chat server needs to be visible to the internet, or at least the relevant ports, if you are going to be using it externally)

  2. username (the full username including the @server_hostname portion. you’ll get this from the openfire server)

  3. password

With monal installed, it should be pretty straight forward. It might ask for the correct port to connect to and security to use as well, but all of this info can be obtained from the openfire admin pages.

Thanks for the reply. Does it only work for you over WiFi?

It should work over 3G. Is the WiFi on the same LAN or VPN as the chat server? Perhaps you have some firewall issue that is preventing outside connections from reaching the chat server?

Definitely a firewall issue. I have to learn how to open a path to the box hosting the Openfire server. I tried setting it up in our Cisco pix, but have not had any luck. I will keep plugging away at it.



The monal site has a help page specifically for openfire servers.