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OpenFire Monitoring plugin: possible to record messages with type "heading"

I need a little information regarding Monitoring Plugin for OpenFire XMPP server.

We are currently, using Openfire 3.10.3 and used Monitoring plugin version 1.4.2, we
were successfully able to record the messages. Though the recorded messages
were only of type chat. Is it possible to record messages with type heading
as well?

yes for sure you can do this for that you need to update source code of monitoring plugin.

Monitoring plugin is just checking the type of message and if type is chat then it will intercept the packet and store in table if you want to store message type of heading then you need to alter the condition with or heading type packet so that it will also intercept all packet with type heading and you are able to store all messages with type heading.

I am attaching code snippet of filltering of message procedure.

hope it will help