Openfire Monitoring Service plugin 2.4.0 release

Earlier today, we have released version 2.4.0 of the Openfire Monitoring Service plugin. This plugin adds both statistics, as well as message archiving functionality to Openfire.

In this release, compatibility with future versions of Openfire is added. A bug that affects MSSQL users has been fixed, and the dreaded “Unable to save XML properties” error message has been resolved. A few other minor tweaks have been added.

As always, your instance of Openfire should automatically display the availability of the update. Alternatively, you can download the new release of the plugin at the Monitoring plugin’s archive page.

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I think this update broke something; I have a message that “Search Indexes are rebuilding” and it is indefinitely stuck at 1% after several days.

Also, while I’m able to search and find archived conversations, I am unable to open any of them, nothing happens when I click on them.

You’re right, those are both new bugs in this release. They’re already being worked on. These are the tickets that we raised for them:

Version 2.4.1 of the Monitoring Service plugin for Openfire is now available, and addresses these issues!

Good afternoon, I can no longer find messages saved for auditing, there used to be a tab where I accessed all conversations.

Is the plugin loaded? It is likely that the cause of the problem is logged when the plugin is attempting to start. Please reload the plugin in Openfire, and see if anything is added to the log files while you’re doing that.

Thanks, I consulted the log, identified the error and fixed it. :smiley:

Excellent: for future reference: what was the issue, and how did you fix it?

I checked in the log that the plugin was not able to start even when reinstalling… I deleted the plugin folder on the server and reinstalled it via the portal. It worked perfectly again.

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