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Openfire+motd, how to restart the plugin in windows?


I have openfire 3.8.2 (deployed on windows 2008r2 (x64)), base on mssql (11.0.3128)

  • mssql database with list of the employees with date of the birthday.

It’s necessary to send the list of the birthday men to all employees of the organisation every morning

Solution: I to install the plugin motd (message of the day) for openfire.

The script of the database mssql is executed. And I choose the day of the birthday from this script. The result is written in a table [openfire]. [dbo]. [ofProperty] in line [plugin.motd.message].

The problem is the openfire applies changes only after reset.

Can somebody tell me** how to restart the plugin motd from the command line of the Windows** (or the another means of the Windows planner)?

Thank you and sorry for my English.