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Openfire - Muc change member to owner?


Hi guys,

I am not able to diable automatic change in MUC room from member to Owner?

Why this is happens ? Troubles came when owner left room and stay in room and Openfire isnt able to kick him.



I can’t understand what you mean. Try explaining it again. Also tell what Openfire version are you using.


OF 4.2.3 running on debian.

so i ll try it explain it again.

User connect by ofmeet to MUC room, his rights is MEMBER, after some time his rights change to OWNER.

and my question, why is this happening and how to prevent this ?

Becouse when are you in MUC and you are OWNER, openfire isnt able to disconet you from room automaticaly, becacouse you are OWNER…

And for 2 days i have in one room 15 relations of one user and in OFmeet you see 14 black windows and 1 active window with user.


I see. I have moved your post to ofmeet category. As i don’t use it, can’t help. Maybe someone else will suggest something.


okey, but still its chat room based on openfire… and permisions are setup in openfire to room. not at Ofmeet.


Ofmeet still is changing something with a special focus user. Anyway, I think @Dele_Olajide would have more to say.


At least one meeting participant needs owner permissions in the MUC room. That is how Jitsi-Meet works. It should not be a problem with temp rooms as the room will be destroyed by Openfire when focus user leaves the room.


focus user isnt problem… but Members “stay lock” in room and there is no way how to kick them automaticaly…

You must go to room settings , rights, and there change user from owner to member, than you can kick them.

Focus is fine, but standart user, cant be owners of room.

and room isnt temporary, its penament with allows member configuration


The problem may be https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-1596


Thanks, so i ll tried upgrade :slight_smile: to new version 4.3.1


OF 4.3.1 has a new issue with ofmeet. Wait for 4.3.2 or try 4.3.0