Openfire MUC for GTalk users

Quick newb question, is it possible to use Openfire as a Chat Room server that GTalk users can access? The high level goal is to provide moderated chat room functionality over IM for an existing base of Google Apps Domain users without having to provide additional Openfire IM accounts.

I’m not sure the Gmail GTalk client would even support the MUC protocols but even having to use a MUC capable standalone Jabber client (or Spark) would be okay, as long as users were still only logging in and authenticating with their GTalk accounts. Obviously, I don’t mean logging into to Google via Openfire, I mean logging into Google and being able to see Openfire MUC rooms in their Roster and being able to communicate in said rooms without having to use a separate Openfire account. I hope I explained that well enough

Thanks for any info.

My bad, I got it working… I had forgotten to add a CNAME for the conference subdomain, e.g.:

Openfire Server: domain.tld

Conference Subdomain: conference.domain.tld

I added the CNAME conference.domain.tld to point to domain.tld and now Gtalk users using a MUC capable IM client (Pidgin for example) can see the Conference server room list and join a room etc.