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Openfire multiple domain same IP does not work

Hi All,

I need help on configuring openfire for multiple domain access. I am using Openfire 3.7.0 with Jappix mini. I am using openfire-jappix370-0.0.3.zip present at http://code.google.com/p/openfire-jappix/downloads/list. I have root server domain as www.example.com while in this root domain server, I have 4 -5 other websites ( www.john.com, www.robert.com etc ) which are virtual host & on similar same IP.

I can access openfire from root domain server www.example.com:7070/http-bind while I cannot access openfire xmpp from any other virtual host domain even though they are on same IP. I am not sure whether there is any configuration or setup that need to do done to open access for all domains on same IP. Please advice.



I need your help or hint on this. Since Jappix mini reconnects on every page navigation I thought Let me put Openfire & websites on same server. I have VPS cpanel with Centos 5.5. Cpanel works perfectly fine on the root domain server while the virtual host websites it does not connect. I have used

openfire-jappix370-0.0.3.zip present at http://code.google.com/p/openfire-jappix/downloads/list developed by you. I don’t want to integrate it via Iframe as it will refresh on every page navigation & hence reconnects on every page navigation of website. Openfire server & virtual host websites which 3 in number are on same IP.

Please advice.

When I connect with Jappix mini, I get below in “Warn” logs of Openfire admin

2012.10.08 17:47:45 Error parsing user request. []

2012.10.08 17:58:00 Error parsing user request. []