Openfire & MySQL trouble

i have an openfire 3.6.4 installed on my personal computer - core2quad 2.4GHz, 2x2048 DDR2 PC-1066, ubuntu 8.10 x64.

openfire was configured to use mysql as storage. mysql server installed and configured to listen only localhost. when i try to bind mysql to some real ip address, in addition to it’s localhost binding, openfire stops to authenticate any connecting users. at first, i thought that mysql access account for openfire server isn’t configured to connect to mysql from real world - i fixed this. but it changes nothing. can i somehow fix this without unbinding mysql from real world?

solved by myself.

for anyone who face similar problem - just open openfire.xml and change server address in a connection string from “jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/openfire” to “jdbc:mysql://<your_ip_address>:3306/openfire”.

don’t forget to stop openfire server before editing and start it again after.