[Openfire] No roster returned to user


We added jappix mini chat feature in our application in conjunction with Openfire 3.7.1 and a Mysql database.

HTTP Binding is enabled in Openfire admin console.

The chat was working well on another server but it seems that we cannot get rosters anymore from client.

We always get the following empty response from Openfire when building contact list (buddies) :

This response can be seen in the browser network logs or in the audit logs from Openfire.

I only manage to get a roster when creating a new one between two users.

The rosters can be found in the database and in admin console where we see two of them for this precise user (atinel).

We also checked that the SQL queries on ofRoster table were properly formed for each user connection.

This is the kind of response expected :

Have you any idea to solve this problem ? Maybe I have missed a property when configuring Openfire ?

I already have cleared the roster (and all other) caches and nothing changed, no more result when upgrading to 3.9.3.