Openfire :not able to send packet after few (2-3 ) hour even if i already connected to openfire server

XMPP server : Openfire 3.9.3

XMPP Client :Asmack-android-8-4.0.4.jar

I am facing some strange behavior of openfire server when i am change the presence manually

Below is some piece of code from my Class

xmppConfig.setSendPresence(false);//Call first time only while configuration connection

presence = new Presence(Type.available, Constant.STATUS_ONLINE, 1, Mode.available);//code to change the presence of user


Normal logs where i able to change the presence of user (i checked on openfire portal and its works as accepted )

SENT (1): online

RCV (1): online

After some ( 2-3) hours when i come back to application and try to set presence online (I checked on openfire portal and this user showing offline presence even though i set presence online )

SENT (1): online

//**** No packet replay of change presence *********

I checked below value after above scenario to check if user still connected , but i got below result which indicate that connection is alive and user is still connected but at the same time openfire port show that user offline ,

xmppManager.getConnection().isConnected() //Result(true)

xmppManager.getConnection().isAuthenticated() //Result(true)

xmppManager.getConnection().isAnonymous() //Result(false)

I am not able to send a message to someone nor receive message after above scenario

SENT (0): nullMediaTest message<custom_data>Robine H.</custom_data>

above is log when i send message after above scenario ,here <custom_data> is my custom extension .

Even when i check history in openfire , there are no message stored after above scenario.

I am not sure weather there is option to maintain the long lived connection over openfire server (web portal ) or i am doing something wrong here with the xmpp client.

Please guild me if anyone having some thoughts over this strange situation.