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Openfire not opening in the browser


I have installed openfire in rhel (virtual machine through vmware). I’m using windows 10 as the host machine. Both the host and the guest VM are able to ping each other but i’m not able to open openfire on the browser for further server setting. After many searching i have not been able to find the solution.

Please help

Thanks in advance

Make sure that Openfire is actually running and a process is listening on 9090 port (use netstat or similar tool command to check).

Also, i don’t know about RHEL, but CentOS usually has some firewall or SELinux running, which can block connections to 9090 port.

hi wroot,

I checked the status of openfire as u said and it is actually not running. I have disabled selinux also but openfire is still not running

Well, run it I haven’t used RHEL, but there should be a way to install Openfire as a daemon, or just run it with sh script (maybe in Openfire/bin).

You installed on RHEL how? Via RPM? If so, the sysvinit script should suffice. service openfire start