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OpenFire not responding with outbound to Lync 2013

Troubleshooting Lync 2013 with Openfire 3.8.2. All the required configuration changes have been made on with DNS record, Lync as well as the Openfire Server changes. When adding the contact through lync to contact the openfire user. We see the traffic and packages coming from Lync to openfire (Jabber) but no outbound connect from Openfire (jabber) back to Lync. According to trace route Lync is talking to Openfire (Jabber) on 5269.

Ran natstat, tcpdump with our network team, engineers and sa (unix, window). Nothing being logged to explain why (Openfire) jabber won’t, or doesn’t seem to have an outbound connection to Lync. Any ideas on what to try next with Openfire for checking, or correcting the problem with sending an outbound communication to Lync.

Outbound to xmpp.org and internal company domain doesn’t seem to occur, but does seem to occur for gmail.com and jabber.org