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Openfire not sending messages to users with presence "away"?

Im using Sparkweb,

Away members do no receive messages by other members while they dont chnge the presence to online again.

It seems openfire is not sending messages to members with away presence, is there any configuration setting?



as far as I remember the XMPP RFC a server (like Openfire) must not send messages to clients with a negative priority.

During DnD one will likely set the priority to a value <0. You may want to debug what priority the client is sending when getting in “away state”. I guess it’s -1 as this usually makes sense for web based chats - and then there’s nothing one can do. Maybe an admin broadcast will reach the client. Or one could kick the user


Yes, it seem that’s the reason.

As i was asked to allow reception of messages in Away state, what i did was create a new away presence with status >0.