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Openfire not update states in Clients

I recently installed openfire 3.7.1 on a centos server.

The problem is that NO updates the status in IM clients.

As I show in the image attached.

This same problem happens with both Pidgin and Spark.

In Openfire web administration console the states of the active sessions are displayed correctly.

Some data that may be happening?

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Same thing here.

We have over 50 users on Apple iChat using Openfire with an open LDAP backend. It looks like status information updated are intermitent and random (users come on line, go Idle, and then away) when users are working on their computers, but for some reason, when I come back after being away for awhile, I have to set my status to offline, then, come back on line to refresh the status, and get and accurate account of who is available, idle, away, or offline.

There are some old posts regarding this:


There is this:


Which does not help us, since we manually edit the database rosters and use th subscription plugin to deny all subscription requests.

Here is another client side app complaining about the same problem


The only thing I can say is that the subscription for the user we manually put in read TO not BOTH, and when I try to change them from the database I get a java error.

I saw a bug on this, which was suppose to be fixed in 3.7.0 beta, but I can’t locate it now.

Any Ideas?