Openfire Offline Message table is growing


my Offline Messages are growing day by day and i have no idea why.

currently my ofOffline table counts 501801 rows with 2,2GB Space used.

i cant open the Offline config in the webgui anymore, because it tries to calculate the used offline space, which takes ages.

this my my offline config:





this problem is bugging me for quite some time now and the only solution so far seems to purge the offline table every few weeks, with the danger of loosing offlinemessages the users expect to be delivered.

im currently using Openfire 3.10.3 oracle java 1.7.80 and i had this problem since some 3.8.x version, but im not sure when it started exactly.

is there some way to find out whats causing this?


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How many users do you have? And can you tell how heavily they use offline messaging? The limit is 100 KB per user. So if you have 20 000 users and they use offline messages all the time, this can grow to 2 GB. Of course, they won’t be all offline all the time, so the number of users should be higher to reach such size. Can’t tell what is causing this for you. But maybe you can set a lower limit and see if it grows less in a week.

thank you wroot,

currently i got something about 200 accounts, where ~50 are online most of the time.

offline was configured to save everything, so I changed it now from store to store_and_bounce.

still somewhat curious why offline is growing so much.

when i check the table there are a lot of entries that seems to have no message body.

I got the feeling that “something” (clients, plugins, i dont know) spams these empty messages to offline contacts. there are some accounts that only rarely get used and it seems the messages pile up there.