We did a chat, on android, and one of the major issue we got, his.

If we download the application on any android device:

  • Sign in the application

  • Just let run the application, do not go in the application. Just let the application run in the testing device, and with another device look the status of the application in the testing device.

-You bring the testing device, home, job, restaurant, friends … connect wifi or lte… doesn’t mater… the only thing, you just don’t go in the application.

Like all chat application, normally the testing device, should always get is notification and message.

But, to depend of the device, period change to 20 min / 4 days. All application goes offline, by him self, and of course no notification and message receive in tested device.

We use google cloud messaging

And the only way to go offline with the application, is to sign out the application !




You are posting this in the Openfire Dev sub-forum, but this has nothing to do with Openfire Development. Actually it has nothing to do with Openfire or any product on this site at all. Unless your chat application is using Smack library, then this discussion should be moved into Smack Support. Anyway, Openfire can’t control that. This is your application or Android doing this (unloading inactive application from the memory, so it goes offline).

Thanks for helping me with your comment, and took time to answer!

Sorry to did not post, the right issue, at the right place.

Have a great weekend !

So, does your application use Smack or is it something else?