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OpenFire + OFMeet + Cache

Hello everyone!

I`m using OF 4.0.2 with latest plugin OFMeet . platform on MS SQL 2012 .Windows 2012

Bref: My task is from .Net framework application create new user and private video room for it. This part of task done well.User and romm are created well.

I`m using tables ofUser, ofMUCRoom, ofmucAffiliation, ofMucMember for creating new user, creating new room, creating affiliation for focus and admin jids, and add members to new room.

The problem is that after creation new user and room I can`t success work in new room. I can login, but when I try type some messages OF get me auth error (on OFmeet conference web page, Something about unathorization).

I inspected creation mucroom and member adding source and noted that there is some cache working in addMember function of LocalMUCRoom.java:

CacheFactory.doClusterTask(new AddMember(this, jid.toBareJID(), (nickname == null ? “” : nickname)));

My guess is there is a cache witch storing “old values” about room members or something else, because after OpenFire service was restarted all works fine and i can login to chat from new user and work in it. , but simple cache cleaning from admin console have not luck.

I checked sources OF and noted that there is some caches without livetime limitations (in org.jivesoftware.util.cache.CacheFactory)

So it would be so great if you help me to identify witch name of that cache, that I can set timelive for it. =)

Best regards