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Openfire on Amazon EC2 with GoDaddy domain and SSL

Hi, all. Need your help.

I have this environment.

  1. I managed to create a DNS **A **record to point **MYDOMAIN.COM **to EC2-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX.EU-WEST-1.COMPUTE.AMAZONAWS.COM
  2. At http://mydomain.com:9090/ssl-certificates.jsp I generated self-signed certificates (I was not able import a signed certificate and its private key at http://mydomain.com:9090/import-certificate.jsp)
  3. Then, at http://mydomain.com:9090/ssl-signing-request.jsp, I updated issuer information for the certificates to send the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to my Certificate Authority (GoDaddy.com)
  4. A signing request with **mydomain.com_rsa **alias was created waiting for Certificate Authority Reply
  5. A signing request with **mydomain.com_dsa **alias was created waiting for Certificate Authority Reply
  6. **mydomain.com_rsa **signing request was a valid CSR for my CA
  7. My CA issued **mydomain.com.crt **file
  8. My CA issued **gd_bundle.crt **file
  9. I downloaded **mydomain.com.crt **and **gd_bundle.crt **files ad used both them as Certificate Authority Reply
  10. In both cases I got “An error occured while importing the Certificate Authority reply. Verify that the reply is correct and that it belongs to the correct certificate

Any suggestion on how correctly set SSL use in this environment? Regards,


UPDATE: I made everything again using my iMac and something changed! OSX power?!?

Anyway… I was able to use gd_bundle.crt as a valid Certificate Authority Reply for both mydomain.com_rsa and mydomain.com_dsa signing requests that were waiting for CA reply.

Now I have Go Daddy Secure Certification Authority (mydomain.com_rsa) and Go Daddy Secure Certification Authority (mydomain.com_dsa) with a CA Signed status. Is it correct?

The problem now is that server returns this message about server certificates: Found RSA certificate that is not valid for the server domain.

Please, help me to complete my job! Regards.