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Openfire on ARM


I want to buy me a small ARM-PC. On this PC I want to run the Openfire-Jabber Server on Debian-Arm.

My question: Is this possible?

regards tobma

If there is a comliant JRE for it, it should work - Openfire doesn’t really care about the architecture, being a Java application.

You’ll need to make sure you have sufficient memory however.

I’ve run it on a Pogoplug before with 512MB RAM and 1.2GHz ARM9 processor

A while back, I could not get it to work on a Sheeva plug computer. The problem was getting a compatible JRE. I tried OpenJDK, but Openfire did not start. I suspect the problem was with Jetty, but I did not have enough time to work on it and find a solution. With a more recent JRE release, It might work now.

I had it working on OpenJDK and Suns JRE… couldnt really tell the diff performance wise…