Openfire (on AWS VM private, extranet) behind ELB (public, extranet)

Has anyone been able to deploy successfully openfire on AWS?

I had the following plan:

EC2 (with Win 2012 R2) VM in the extranet in private subnet which will host Openfire. Openfire will use ports 80 and 443 to communicate with XMPP clients (instead of the 5222 and 5223) - this makes the machine unreachable from internet, but only the ELB passes the internet traffic (80 and 443), that’s why it is placed in Extranet Private subnet.

ELB in extranet with public ip address. ELB and Openfire VM talk over 80 and 443, i.e. firewall allows the traffic, and the VM is in the security groups of the ELB. The XMPP chat clients will talk to the ELB which will pas the traffic to Openfire VM

I use psi-chat on a VM and try to connect to the OPenfire via the ELB public IP but I get authentication error “Not authorized”. PSI-chat client and the Openfire are configured to use port 80, and plaintext!!!

Any ideas?

Did you ever get this issue resolved? I am thinking of using OpenFirst on an AWS instance with a load balancer as well. The ELB naturally has the ssl cert attached. Have had problems with Rabbit getting this arrangement working so I am thinking of OpenFire.

Thanks for any info…